Dreamland Bar and Restaurant

Right in front of the white sands of Taipu de Fora lies our beautiful oasis...


Dreamland Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy an ice cold beer, a refreshing caipirinha or some great local cuisine while the waves, the cooling breeze and the sound of the ocean embrace your soul.


A variety of delicious drinks, craft beers, fresh fruit juices, tasty finger food, sandwiches made from home baked bread, and great seafood dishes are some of the things we offer in true post card surroundings.


The restaurante works with our varied á lá carte menu from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. 


Dreamland Bar and Restaurant

is also a great place to hang out and to meet nice people from all over the world.


Or if you simply enough prefere to be by yourself, there are hammocks in bar and beach beds with umbrellas waiting for you on the beach.


Why? Because you can!


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