Boat trips


Unspoiled nature, beautiful islands, white beaches, thousands of palm threes and blue, clear water makes this trip a brilliant day out.

Boat trip to the 4 islands


There are daily boat trips to the islands in the Bay of Camamu.


The boat leaves from Barra Grande at 10:00 and returns around 16:30 in the afternoon - just in time to enjoy the sunset in Barra Grande, Ponta do Mutá or Rio Carapitangui.


The trip goes to Ilha Pedra Furada, Ilha do Sappinho, Ilha do Goió and Campinho.


The lobster lunch in Ilha do Sappinho (not included in the price) is worth the journey itself.

Rent a speed boat – see much more!


If you are willing to pay a little more, you can rent a speed boat for the day. This way you will manage to see more places, than by taking the regular boat trip. Also you are in charge when it comes to how long you would like to stop in every place.


The speed boat takes you to Ilha Coroa Vermelha, which is a beautiful white sand bank in the middle of the ocean. Basicly a 360 degrees beach, with ocean on all sides. You also get to visit Ilha Pedra Furada, Campinho, Ilha Goió and Ilha do Sappinho.


The speed boat also takes you through 50 kms of mangrove forest,  to the amazing waterfall in Tremembé, in the beginning of the Peninsula. Here fresh water from the mountains of Bahia runs out in the ocean with great force.


Ask your driver to enter in the waterfall, for an extra adrenaline rush.

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