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Dreamland's story is a story of love, focus, work, dedication, and the realization of a big dream.

It all started when the couple Lyana Domingues and Jan Inge Thomassen met and fell in love on a desert beach in Thailand, in 2006. From that moment, they started planning to find the place of their dreams. In 2007, they crossed the coast of Brazil by car until they reached the Peninsula of Maraú. There, on Taipu de Fora beach, they knew they had found the perfect place.

In 2008, they managed to purchase the land and began to make their dream come true, starting the construction project for Dreamland Bungalows, a charming little pousada with ten rooms, a restaurant, and a beach bar.

They spent the next two years working in Norway, Jan's homeland, while the project was coming to life in Brazil. In October 2010, two months before the works ended, the two finally returned to Taipu de Fora. By that time, the family had already started to grow, with baby Lysa, only two months old.

On December 15, 2010, Dreamland Bungalows opened its doors to its first guests. With the help of just two employees and the support of their family, Lyana was responsible for the reception and kitchen at the pousada, with her mother Magaly always by her side. And Jan, without even speaking Portuguese, took over the bar. Over the years, the family has grown, with the arrival of their son Ikaro in 2012, and of the new employees.

In 2017, the establishment already had 30 employees and Jan and Lyana continued to expand, working hard and always investing in improvements. With the entry of an investor partner, they expanded and restructured Dreamland's restaurant, opening a new space. In the same year, a group of entrepreneurs began the construction project for the Dreamland Condominium next to the pousada. The condominium was launched in December 2020, with 20 flats, between units managed and rented by the pousada.

During the pandemic, in 2020, Dreamland was closed for 6 months, without even receiving a guest. Times were difficult, but the company kept all its employees and took the opportunity to build new facilities; a sauna, a massage room and a gym, which were inaugurated when the pousada was reopened.

In May 2023, already with 40 employees, Lyana and Jan started to manage a new high standard house next to the pousada. The Villa Dreamland house was built for renting groups of up to 16 people, with safety, comfort, and exclusivity.

Even after so many years, the goal is to always be feeding the dream, looking for improvements and focusing on guest feedback, so that Dreamland continues to improve - and be the true land of dreams for everyone.

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