Travel Advice


We are located in a true paradise, far away from the stressful big city life - which also means that some of the facilities in the region are a bit limited.


Therefore we would like to give you some helpful travel advices for your stay here in Peninsula de Maraú:


  • The road inside the peninsula leading to the pousada is an 44 km unpaved dirt road which can get quite difficult in periods with heavy rain. If you are going to drive yourself, feel free to ask us in advance for an update of the conditions. Leaving your car in Camamu and then getting here by boat is often a good option.

  • If you are going to enter the peninsula with a car, we recommend that you stop and remove your front registration plate. If not there is a big chance you will loose it. Keep it inside your car as long as you drive around on the dirt roads here.

  • There are no bank or ATMs in the whole peninsula, so bringing some cash is a good idea.

  • Many places (hotels/bars/restautants) do not accept cards, so bringing some cash is as mentioned a good idea. (Here in Dreamland we accept MasterCard and VISA.)

  • There is basicly NO signal for cell phones in most parts of the peninsula.

  • We do have wireless internet, and even though it from time to time can be a bit slow, it normally works good enough to use Skype.

  • The electricity in the whole peninsula is 220V (although most places in the rest of Brasil is 110V).

  • We don´t accept any kind of animals/pets in our pousada.

  • All our rooms are non-smoking.

  • If you have any kinds of questions - or need any help with arriving - we are here for you, so don´t hesitate to ask!


Welcome to paradise!